How to Order

Step 1 : Custom cakes are our best seller, so in order to order your cake, we recommend you to find 2-3 pictures of cakes that you like and send them to us via text/email to (917)912-7339 or These pictures can be from any website including google images, Pinterest and etc. Also let us know number of servings and the date.
Step 2 : We will review your desired cakes and communicate with you. We will provide you a quote based on the design and number of servings. We will work with you finalize the order and give you as many options as possible for your design. Our Cake Galley has plenty of pictures on our website, Instagram and Facebook and Yelp just look us up.
Step 3 : Finalize the size and flavors
Step 4 : Once a 50% deposit is left on the order, we reserve the date and start preparations for your creation.


How much notice do you need for a cake? 

Our schedule is extremely busy and our space is limited, so the earlier you get your order in, the chance to find a spot and more options you will have to order. 

What are your store hours? 

We open Monday to Saturday to order, pickup or delivery. Also, Sundays we will be open 10-2 PM for pick-up only, subject to pre-arrangement.

What are the most popular flavors? 

Vanilla cake with fresh whipped filling with fresh pineapple is the most popular cake. Also, our Chocolate cake with Chocolate ganache is our signature. You won’t find this combination anywhere else, specially that kids love our chocolate cakes!

Will my cake look exactly like the picture?

Our decorators try best to match the color and design of the cake to the picture provided. However, we do reserve the right to adjust any elements of your cake in order to create the most stable foundation and over all look of your cake.

Once your order is picked up and leaves the store, the final product in its entirety is no longer our responsibility.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

At the time of ordering, a 50% deposit is required to begin preparation of the cake as a confirmation that you are, in fact, serious about picking up the cake. We can take any form of payment in person and will safely guard your credit card information over the phone.

Do you make eggless, gluten free or dairy free? 

We believe “the gluten free product” must be prepared and made in a “Gluten free Kitchen” and because we don’t have such facility, we don’t bake the gluten free, dailry free or eggless cake. 

Can I change my order? 

Because every cake has its own preparation process, the cancelation depends on what you had ordered and how many days’ notice we receive. Typically we allow changing the design at least 1 week in advance and flavors 3 days in advance. 

How much does a cake cost? 

Our price is based on your order’s size and design details. We have a very fair pricing method. Before we can answer that question, we need some more information on the design and size. Once we have all information that we need, we will be able to give you a price quote. The minimum order starts at $150 and goes up. The minimum order for the cupcake is 2 dozen and it could be ordered in 2 flavors. For bigger orders you have the option to choose more flavors. The Standard cupcake cost starts at $3.00 and up. Price will be subject to details and complication. 

What is fondant? 

Fondant is the smooth, almost flawless icing seen on many traditional wedding cakes that is rolled and draped over a cake. It gives a cake a smooth, professional appearance, keeps the cake moist longer, and provides a distinctive flavor and texture.

Do you deliver? 

Yes, we do, however is based on availability. The initial delivery charge is $25 for 10 miles radius and $35 for 20miles. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancelling an order more than 14 days before the pick-up date can get you a full refund of your deposit. There is no refund for deposit for anything less than 14 days prior to your pick-up time.